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The speed becomes faster with every turn, a dynamic performance develops – takes hold of you! The centrifugal force increases and you feel like a pro. This extreme performance is particularly close to the professional equipment from the World Cup. It is in particular the special sidecut concept which makes the ski controllable and enables individual turns at high speed. High technology through and through thanks to Triple Radius, M/O Plate or the carbon laminate DIAGOTEX™ which is known from racing, THE CURV enables perfect stiffness, fast turn changes without speed loss and optimum power transfer. So every turn is a breathtaking adrenaline rush!

Extremely dynamic turn behaviour – thanks to DiagotexTM and Triple Radius – is what makes this ski with its bright yellow World Cup base and original Race finish so special. With Free Milled Titanium this ski is built for demanding skiers who stretch their equipment to the limit!

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