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The reliable and exceptionally comfortable little brother of the Offtrack 5 is designed for short to medium tours, but can go very far if necessary. External support frame offering stability, with Comfort Guard to protect the toes from the cold and snow.

Comfort Guard for hot feet: inside the boot, a thin layer of water-repellent insulating material provides additional thermal protection at the forefoot and toes to keep skiers warm as they slide into the snow.

 Weight: 535g; Non-BC shoes

Internal molded heel: Internal anatomically shaped heel. Very light and individually thermoformable.

Sport Fit concept: the right fit for all requirements. Whether designed for the female foot with the comfort or racing version, personalized for the feet of young skiers, to meet the comfort requirements of all riders or for direct power transfer in racing: the Boot Fit concept with special shapes is the answer to all the different needs and morphologies of different consumer groups.

Comfort Guard: very light and water-repellent insulating material for additional thermal protection in the forefoot and toes.

Fischer Fresh: Fischer Fresh eliminates unpleasant odors by providing you with lasting freshness in the cross-country ski boot with a pleasant smell and a pleasant feeling inside.

Sealed Zipper: The specially sealed zipper system ensures that all moisture is avoided.

Integrated gaiter: integrated and easily adjustable gaiter for optimal protection in deep snow. Light waterproof material and waterproof zipper for maximum enjoyment of cross-country skiing, even on unpaved terrain

Lace cover: lace covers for extra protection against snow and wet conditions and to give you a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Velcro strap: fastening element for wrists and foot straps, easy to handle and adjust.

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