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A boot ready to ride everything! 

The NORDICA SPEEDMACHINE collection offers you the perfect balance between performance, lightness and personalization.
From this range, the SPEEDMACHINE 130 model is the most rigid in the range. A powerful, comfortable and agile boot. Equipped with the Tri-fit system, you will be able to personalize the shell thanks to the infrared tri-force system, the liner thanks to the cork of the 3D Cork fit, as well as the main material parts. A customizable boot, high performance and precise, which does not compromise comfort. Primaloft® insulation and the weather shield will keep you warm and dry throughout the day.

Metatarsal width: 100 mm
Primaloft® liner
3D cork fit: The proven natural characteristics of cork have a perfect balance between comfort, performance and personalized fit. The redesigned shape of the customizable cork area, the more ergonomic heel space and the whole new language of these adapted, modern and comfortable slippers are the answer to what skiers demanded. This technology gives you better energy transmission and increased comfort. Personalization is quick, easy and repeatable.
Tri-fit technology: The Tri-Fit system allows adjustments to the 3 major components of a ski boot: the shell, the boot and the main material. Easy-to-use technology that ensures uniform and comfortable contact of the foot with the liner and the shell. The secret of this technology lies in the infrared heating element for customizing the shell, combined with the Custom Cork Liner liner system and the four Nordica. These technologies allow total customization of the boot and the shell of the boot, only in the precise places where it is necessary, to obtain a perfectly adjusted ski boot.
Weather shield: waterproof system built into the shell which could have prevented water from seeping into the boot. Dry feet, warm and comfort is assured.
Infrared Personalization (in store): The infrared heating element and the Tri-Force shell, combining a shoe model and a customization technology that work together to allow the ideal degree of adjustment of the shell, only where it is necessary. The central element of the system is the infrared lamp which quickly heats the plastic of the shoe, from the inside to the outside, to the ideal temperature. The boot is therefore in no way damaged by the heating element and permanently adopted a perfectly defined personalized shape.

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